This lesson is in the early stages of development (Alpha version)

DiscovR Workshop Curriculum

This is a custom curriculum developed by members of The Duke Malaria Collaboratory for the DiscovR workshop (Data investigation: strategies, concepts, and visualization in R). While it is based on The Carpentries curriculum and teaching practices, it is not officially overseen by The Carpentries organization. We welcome any feedback or questions to us through GitHub.

The curriculum is developed for complete beginners interested in learning reproducible data science techniques and integrates instruction of R for data cleaning, analysis, and visualization. For more details, please see Introduction to the Workshop.

If you are interested in contributing to the curriculum, please read over The Carpentries Curriculum Development Handbook and our contribution guidelines. If you would like to set up your machine to preview changes locally, please see the setup instructions.


Setup Download files required for the lesson
00:00 1. Introduction to The DiscovR Workshop Who is the workshop for?
What will the workshop cover?
What else do I need to know about the workshop?
00:15 2. Getting Started with R What are R and R Studio?
How do I perform tasks and store information?
02:00 3. R for Plotting How do I read data into R?
What are geometries and aesthetics?
How can I use R to create and save professional data visualizations?
04:00 4. R for Data Cleaning How can I clean my data in R?
How can I combine two datasets from different sources?
How can R help make my research more reproducible?
06:15 5. R for Data Analysis How can I summarise my data in R?
How can R help make my research more reproducible?
07:45 6. Writing Reports with R Markdown How can I make reproducible reports using R Markdown?
How do I format text using Markdown?
09:15 7. Conclusion What do I do after the workshop to apply what I learned and keep learning more?
How do I deal with coding errors (i.e. debug)?
09:30 Finish

The actual schedule may vary slightly depending on the topics and exercises chosen by the instructor.